Big Drama in Argentina: MotoGP 2018 Round 2

There was the wacky weather. There was the weird start, with Jack Miller sitting all alone in pole position with everyone else several rows behind. Then, there were multiple incidents involving Marquez…crashing into two other riders, including Valentino Rossi, and getting two penalties. Don’t forget a Danni Pedrosa crash. Finally, the awkward press conference with Cal Crutchlow telling the press to not bother showing up to any more events with him.

You can be fairly sure of never seeing another race like this one!

I, Superbiker

Just a “speedy” review of this cool look at BSB. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. It’s not a bad way to spend 1.5 hours on a rainy day.

Harley E-bike

It’s not new news, but it’s getting more real. HD is bringing an electric motorcycle to the market in about 18 months. If the current specs can be trusted, they do seem a little weak. Range is thought to be around 50 miles, which could suffice for commuters. It’s not inconceivable that we might see improvements in that area as the launch date approaches, but certainly, 100 miles would be a more pleasing figure for riders looking for a weekend cruising machine.

All that said, the current version has a very appealing look. Harley is on the right track…blending some of their classic design elements while bringing cool new tech and updated styling to market. All this is part of HD’s (and the entire motorcycle segment’s) desire to reach out to a younger demographic.

Suzuki GT750 Retrospective

Check out this write-up of the iconic Suzuki GT750. A 2-stroke, 3-cylinder, dual-disc beast from back in the day (’72-’77). These are pretty hard to come by, but make a great restoration/custom project if you can find one. Old School has a few parts in storage, so if you’re currently working on one let us know!