Is motorcycle riding a dying pastime? Data suggests, yes.

While I’m not that concerned about Harley and its prospects (they’ve been down difficult roads in the past and survived), the overall decline in driving and motorcycling is very concerning. My two children both ride, but they seem to be the exception these days. How do we transfer previous generations’ love for the open road to our kids…and grandkids? Hopefully, this will become known as just a “blip” in the natural ebb and flow of interests between generations rather than an actual death knell for motorcycling.

So, you want to race in the Isle of Man TT?

Bike Bandit comes out with the “how-to” for running in the Isle of Man TT. As they say, you may be able to race, but winning is another matter!

Motorcycle History

If you’ve got 90 minutes and an interest in motorcycles, this is a great video to watch. It’s filled with a lot of interesting history of the motorcycle.