So, you want to race in the Isle of Man TT?

Bike Bandit comes out with the “how-to” for running in the Isle of Man TT. As they say, you may be able to race, but winning is another matter!

Motorcycle History

If you’ve got 90 minutes and an interest in motorcycles, this is a great video to watch. It’s filled with a lot of interesting history of the motorcycle.

Project 2000 Kawasaki ZX-9R

Took the maiden voyage on the latest shop project today. A short trip around the neighborhood, but it felt great to feel the wheels turning on this beast.

The old girl came in very much in need of some TLC. As with most older sport bikes, she had her share of bumps and scrapes, but with a clean title and only 14k miles she has a lot of life left and was worth some time and money investment.

So, we started with the basics…tearing her down and going over all the systems. Everything is back to functioning 100%, which took some doing since she’s been sitting for a while. A full service, including new brake pads and brake fluid replacement, oil and filter change, new K&N air filter, and more were done to make sure she’s ready to roll.

In the looks department, we’ve ripped off her face and are going with a small fairing, which we will paint to match. A belly pan is in the plan, but we’re still shopping for the right one.

Along with the new fairing, we’re waiting for a replacement coolant overflow tank to arrive…completing our parts purchases.  With those last couple of items complete and a good wash, this baby will be tearing up the streets in no time!


Hotbodies Products for the 2017 GSX-R1000

The GSX-R 1000 has a long-lasting history as a championship winning platform. The exciting 2017 model has advance features which makes it a competitive package. Hotbodies Racing is please to introduce a full line of performance and street accessories to take this superbike to the next level.

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